Creation of Lake at Gulberg Greens

Construction of Structures for Creation of Lake on Malal Kas (IBECHS) in Gulberg Greens Islamabad.

Arial View of Structures for Creating Lake on Malal Kas ! (Video)

A view of Construction Structure for Creating Lake (Concrete Dam) Showing U/S & D/S R.C.C (1:1.5:3) Shuttering in view & Completed parts to maintain slopes.

Arial view of Concrete Dam (Structure Creating Lake) Retaining Walls L & R, Water standing on cisterns & D/S Floor.

Retaining Wall under Construction for the Protection of Left Bank (Al-Khalid Buildings)

A view of stone pitching with profiles and retaining wall to protect Al-Khalid Buildings.

A view of Stone pitching, Retaining Wall besides Karakoram Heights & Lake.

A View of Main Dam, Coffer Dam, Diversion arrangements Concrete Batching Plants & Camp Site etc.

A View of Stone Pitching & Profiles along left side of Malal Kas D/S of Javed Noor Bridge.

Arial View of Concrete Dam (Under Progress), Downstream Retaining Wall (Completed)

Arial View of Main Dam (under progress), Retaining Wall (Completed) & Upstream Lake side (Showing Diversion Pipe).

View of Stone Pitching along Left edge of Lake near Karakoram Building.

Compaction through Sheepfoot Vibratory Roller on Coffer Dam.

View of Coffer Dam.

Diversion Pipe 

Arial View of Coffer Dam, Concrete Batching Plant & Concrete Blocks.

Retaining wall in progress besides Karakoram Building.